5 Reasons Why Office Cleaning Outsourcing Beats In-House

Low shot of cleaning lady mopping the floor in restroom beside her trolley

Keeping your office clean and compliant with sanitation regulations in your city is necessary, whether you are a start-up, a small business, or an already mammoth company with many branches all over the state. So, should you consider office cleaning outsourcing — or simply rely on in-house cleaners? Here are a few important things to consider, before you make your decision:

1. No Additional Regular Overhead Costs

Office cleaning outsourcing is very helpful if you operate on a limited budget. This is because you can schedule when you need your office to be cleaned. For instance, you may want to have your offices cleaned only 1 time per week. If you are trying to use in-house employees, this means you are either wasting time cleaning things that don’t need cleaning, or you are busy finding other things to occupy their time. While in-house cleaners may be industrious and helpful, they still represent an additional part of your overhead costs that has to be regularly maintained, even when there is no critical need for it. For example, after they sweep, mop, clean the windows, clean the restroom, and throw out the trash, in-house cleaners have little left to do, which gets a huge part of your overhead costs wasted.

2. Security

Another consideration when using in-house cleaners is security. Obviously, they will have access to areas which could give them the opportunity to view documents or records that could be detrimental to the moral of the company. For instance, viewing payroll checks on the managers office desk while cleaning the office. Additionally, in-house cleaners are unsupervised and may sometimes use equipment for which they have no clearance, and that are not normally needed in their line of work.

Though security can sometimes be of concern when using office cleaning outsourcing, a professional janitorial company takes time to run checks on their cleaners before sending them into your facility. Also, these folks do not have a personal relationship with the employees of your business so those payroll checks accidentally left sitting on the desk pose little interest.

3. Efficiency

Even the most industrious in-house cleaners cannot match the efficiency levels that outsourced janitorial services can provide. This is due to one simple fact: companies that provide professional cleaning services to other companies ordinarily have specialized equipment, supplies, and training. It’s part of the whole package. In-house cleaners do not have that advantage.

4.  Guarantees

This is also one aspect to cleaning that professionals can provide handily. A guarantee is normally stipulated in contracts they enter with you. Money-back guarantees protect you from having to put up with work that is not done to your exact specifications.

5.  Convenience

A janitorial services company is flexible. Their staff can work according to the schedule required by your company. That means they are usually available during holidays, weekends and emergencies. Not all in-house cleaners are willing to do that!

It’s easy to see why office cleaning outsourcing is more advantageous when it comes to your company’s cleaning requirements!