7 Most Common Office Restroom Cleaning Complaints

Row of white modern marble ceramic wash basin in public toilet, restroom in office

Keeping your office restroom clean is one of the biggest challenges when it comes maintaining a commercial space. Many customers (e.g. in restaurants, malls) and visitors (e.g. in office buildings, schools, churches) are extremely picky when it comes to restrooms, and most of the complaints you get will come from restroom problems. In this press release published by Reuters, an independent study showed that dirty restrooms actually lead to lost business, and this is why you should take restroom cleaning seriously.

Here are 7 of the most common restroom cleaning complaints that you need to take seriously:

1)      Clogged toilets

It’s never good to have a clogged toilet, and it’s even worse when you’re in a public place. Not only does the clogging render your toilet useless, it also makes it smelly because flushing is not possible.

2)      Smelly and overflowing trash receptacles

Toilets aren’t the only part of the bathroom that’s prone to clogging. Even trash receptacles overflow, and when nobody is there to maintain it regularly, they become smelly as well. You need someone to make sure that your trash receptacles are emptied and cleaned regularly.

3)      Soap dispensers that don’t work, toilet paper that runs out

Part of proper restroom cleaning is refilling the soap and paper supplies to make sure that you never run out. One of the biggest complaints comes from people who have used a facility only to find there is no toilet paper. Part of proper restroom cleaning also includes having enough soap in your dispensers — people expect soap to be there when they need it.

4)      Clogged sinks

It’s impossible to wash your hands when the sink is clogged and won’t drain properly. It can also turn into a maintenance nightmare if water is left running and overflows onto the floor. Aside from removing the functionality, clogged sinks also leave a feeling of uncleanliness.

5)      Urine odors

Some bathrooms have that pungent urine smell that doesn’t seem to go away. The smell tends to stick no matter how many times you clean it. It takes professional expertise to really be able to get rid of the smell.

6)      Dirty floors and surfaces

If you’re having a hard time scrubbing your floors clean because no matter what you do, it seems to still look “dirty,” then you need the help of professional janitorial services. Even if it’s not exactly dirty, if customers think that the floor or your bathroom surfaces don’t look sparkly clean, then they immediately associate it with bacteria and germs.

7)      Wet floors

Wet floors are the last thing you need in your bathroom. Not only do they introduce the opportunity for accidents, they also harbor germs. Plus, people directly associate wet floors with dirty restrooms.

So if you want to make a positive impression on your clients or customers, and avoid these common restroom cleaning complaints, then be sure to address these issues before they become a problem.