About Us

Founder and mother of two, Dana Robinson started Resolve Janitorial Solutions after years of working within the sales and customer service industry. Her experience included working in commercial clean up and led to the start her own successful woman owned business.

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World Class Cleaning Service With a Full Stacked Team

Resolve Janitorial Solutions Cleaning professionals are fully trained on our policies and procedures, both upon initial employment and on-going to ensure they continue to meet our high standards. Our training focuses on:

  • Traditional Janitorial Cleaning

  • Medical Cleaning

  • Green Cleaning

  • Disinfection Cleaning

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The Resolve Difference

At Resolve Janitorial Solutions, we understand the importance of cleanliness and appearance at your facility. Our experience and specifically defined cleaning practices guarantee your facility the results you are looking for.

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Cleaning Tips, Insights & Trends

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What is Green Cleaning?

Keeping a space clean is important, because it promotes health and well-being among the people who will be using that space. However, it’s also important to take the environment into consideration. With green cleaning, you can keep your establishment clean and organized in a way that benefits you, your people, your customers and the environment.…
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What is a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Anyway?

When it comes to maintaining commercial office space, building owners and managers have the responsibility to ensure that the facility is not just clean, but also healthy for the tenants. Professional cleaning companies work in partnership with management to achieve that objective. One of the tools janitorial service companies use is the HEPA vacuum. But,…
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Carpet Maintenance Affects Your Indoor Air Quality

When it comes to keeping an area clean, it’s not just about removing the visible dirt that you see. Any professional cleaner will tell you that there are so many other considerations you should keep in mind, such as the quality of air inside the room. Though indoor air quality can be an indicator of…
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