Regular Hard Floor Maintenance is the Key to Keeping Costs Low

Cropped image of woman in protective gloves using a flat wet-mop and machine while cleaning floor

Good hard flooring is a major investment in any building construction. Material and installation costs can easily amount to between 4 and 10 percent of your total building cost. However, hard floors take up the daily brunt of office traffic so the investment is a necessity. Cost to repair hard floors can be huge so…

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Tips to Keep Your Office Clean Between Janitorial Services

Clean coworking office interior

According to a market research report from IBISWorld, the janitorial services market in the United States is quite huge. With revenue of $49 billion and an annual growth of 0.7%, it’s clear that more and more clients are turning to professional janitorial services for help when it comes to maintaining their office space. To help keep your…

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Using Antibacterial Wipes to Clean Daycare and Health Facilities

Surface disinfecting home cleaning with sanitizing antibacterial wipes

Cleanliness is very important when it comes to maintaining daycare and health facilities. For daycare facilities, parents expect that their children are left in a safe and nurturing environment, where they can freely move around. This environment needs to be maintained regularly and cleaned properly. This is why hiring janitorial services is a must. In…

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Difference between Commercial Cleaning Services and Maid Services?

cleaner in apron and gloves holding mop and smiling at camera working in office

Maid services are often confused with commercial cleaning services because both involve professional service providers whose main line of work is cleaning. However, there’s a world of difference between them. Maid Services A maid is generally a person who renders cleaning and tidying services in homes, apartments, hotels, and other residential or holiday accommodation places.…

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Office Germs: Restroom versus Breakroom

Interior of Break Room

The more that an office area receives traffic, the dirtier it can become. For example, a storage room that is often closed and hardly visited by employees will stay clean longer than the office restroom or the breakroom which both receive a considerable number of visits from the employees. So which one has more office…

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Why Outsource Cleaning to a Commercial Cleaning Company

modern office building

Imagine a company of medium proportions. It’s no longer a start-up, yet it still hasn’t reached the point that it can be considered one of the big guns in the industry to which it belongs. Since it is neither small nor huge, this company has employees that perform what’s needed to keep the company running.…

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Your Office Cleaning Plan Can Impact Your Corporate Brand

modern office building

It’s funny how many companies spend tons of money on building their corporate brand, even going to the extent of paying exorbitant amounts for the design of their company logos, but fail in one very important aspect that has such a strong impact on the image they want to project. That aspect is their office cleaning…

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3 Reasons to Use Urinal Mats in Restrooms

a green public restroom with four urinals

In any establishment, the condition of the restroom speaks volumes about the level of concern the company or building administrators have for the public and/or those with whom they do business.  Smelly and dingy restrooms call to mind germs, disease, and infection.  The lack of hygienic measures sends the message that the company or the…

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Your Customers Notice! Keep Clean Restrooms

Row of clean urinal in men toilet

One of the great things that becoming civilized has taught us is that being clean and keeping our environment hygienic is a surefire way to avoid complications that result in poor health and even possible loss of life because of diseases. And, clean restrooms are usually at the top of our list. In business, we…

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5 Reasons to Hire a Janitorial Service Company

Female janitor with cleaning products standing among her busy colleagues

What’s the difference between hiring a professional janitorial service company and making use of in-house maintenance people? A lot. There are business owners who may think that they can save money by simply having their own employees provide cleaning services. But this isn’t entirely correct. In-House vs. Business Service When a Business-to-Business transaction takes place,…

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