Carpet Maintenance Affects Your Indoor Air Quality

Cleaner vacuuming the carpet

When it comes to keeping an area clean, it’s not just about removing the visible dirt that you see. Any professional cleaner will tell you that there are so many other considerations you should keep in mind, such as the quality of air inside the room. Though indoor air quality can be an indicator of how clean your office or business establishment is, it’s something you should really pay attention to because it affects the health of the people inside.

Choose your carpets well

What many people do not realize is that the type of carpet they install in their office space, and the method of installation, both have a direct impact on indoor air quality. The Consumer Product Safety Commission has a guide to indoor air quality, and in that guide they even suggest that from the onset, you should choose building materials and furnishings that will minimize indoor air pollution. The guide says that your carpeting is one of the main sources of office air pollution inside your commercial space. You should choose quality carpets that are easy to clean and that don’t retain a lot of pollutants. Most carpet professionals recommend a low pile carpet for this reason.

What’s in a carpet?

There are so many factors involved in keeping the air inside a room clean. Of course, you can use an air purifier to ‘wash’ the actual air circulating inside the building. You can also improve the efficiency and quality of your ventilation. But you should also know that something as seemingly simple as carpet maintenance can also greatly affect the quality of your indoor air.

In this brief by the United States Environmental Protection Agency, it is highlighted that carpets can actually be a breeding ground for chemical and biological pollutants, which include pesticides, fungi and dust mites. This means that no matter how pretty your carpet looks, it can actually make people sick because these pollutants can cause irritation of the skin and organs like the eye, nose and throat. It can even cause headaches and shortness of breath, especially if the carpets are not maintained regularly. To keep your commercial space clean, you should really pay special attention to the carpet maintenance.

When to call in the Professionals

It is especially important to call a professional cleaning company in the case of carpet flooding. They can act quickly with the right equipment and products to prevent the infestation of molds and bacteria, which subsequently leads to diseases and other health hazards for the people inside the commercial space.

However, proper carpet maintenance isn’t just for emergencies… it’s an ongoing process. A professional janitorial service company can help you put together a carpet maintenance program to help your carpets look their best — and minimize pollutants.