What is a HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Anyway?

vacuum cleaner, inserting filter, cleaning

When it comes to maintaining commercial office space, building owners and managers have the responsibility to ensure that the facility is not just clean, but also healthy for the tenants. Professional cleaning companies work in partnership with management to achieve that objective. One of the tools janitorial service companies use is the HEPA vacuum. But,…

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Carpet Maintenance Affects Your Indoor Air Quality

Cleaner vacuuming the carpet

When it comes to keeping an area clean, it’s not just about removing the visible dirt that you see. Any professional cleaner will tell you that there are so many other considerations you should keep in mind, such as the quality of air inside the room. Though indoor air quality can be an indicator of…

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5 Office Recycling Tips

Man in an office throwing plastic bottle into recycling bin

Ever since people became aware of the need to protect the environment and conserve natural resources, there’s been a concerted effort worldwide to practice the 3Rs – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. Of the three, office recycling has seen the most application in business settings. The reason for this is, while Reducing and Reusing can be done…

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5 Reasons Why Office Cleaning Outsourcing Beats In-House

Low shot of cleaning lady mopping the floor in restroom beside her trolley

Keeping your office clean and compliant with sanitation regulations in your city is necessary, whether you are a start-up, a small business, or an already mammoth company with many branches all over the state. So, should you consider office cleaning outsourcing — or simply rely on in-house cleaners? Here are a few important things to…

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How to Spot Clean Carpets

close up of male cleaning stain on carpet

Getting dirt and spills on carpets tend to be inevitable no matter how careful you are, but if you act right away, you can reduce the damage to the carpet. However, rubbing and scrubbing the carpet in an effort to clean a spill is not only useless—it makes things worse! Scrubbing the soiled area on…

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7 Most Common Office Restroom Cleaning Complaints

Row of white modern marble ceramic wash basin in public toilet, restroom in office

Keeping your office restroom clean is one of the biggest challenges when it comes maintaining a commercial space. Many customers (e.g. in restaurants, malls) and visitors (e.g. in office buildings, schools, churches) are extremely picky when it comes to restrooms, and most of the complaints you get will come from restroom problems. In this press release published…

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Indoor Air Quality — Is Your Office Making You Sick?

Portrait of sick employee in modern office

Regular office cleaning is always a good thing. The trash should be removed, carpets vacuumed, furniture dusted, and restroom sanitized. This sort of practices can keep the office from having a mini-epidemic and a clean office is always better for morale. But sometimes that’s not enough. If you’re a manager or business owner, part of…

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Paper Towels or Hand Dryers?

Public lavatory in office consisting of ceramic basin, hand dryer

Paper towels or hand dryers? It looks like the jury is still undecided on which one is better. Here are some points of comparison between the two. Paper Towels or Hand Dryers — Germ-elimination Wet hands are the favorite playground of bacteria and viruses so it makes sense that the primary factor of consideration in…

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Cleaning the Office before Your Holiday Party

As every business manager or small business owner knows, planning a party is a serious undertaking. You have to choose the right date. You need to decide whether your employees can bring guests, or even their entire family including the kids. Then you have to plan the menu, by considering the costs and whether these…

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Regular Hard Floor Maintenance is the Key to Keeping Costs Low

Cropped image of woman in protective gloves using a flat wet-mop and machine while cleaning floor

Good hard flooring is a major investment in any building construction. Material and installation costs can easily amount to between 4 and 10 percent of your total building cost. However, hard floors take up the daily brunt of office traffic so the investment is a necessity. Cost to repair hard floors can be huge so…

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