Cleaning the Office before Your Holiday Party

Group of co-workers celebrating and toasting with confetti falling

As every business manager or small business owner knows, planning a party is a serious undertaking. You have to choose the right date. You need to decide whether your employees can bring guests, or even their entire family including the kids. Then you have to plan the menu, by considering the costs and whether these food choices will be good for your employees. You also need to consider whether you should serve alcohol or not. On one hand, serving alcohol isn’t just an extra expense but also leads to irrational behavior. On the other hand, quite a lot of people consider a party without alcohol as not a party at all and more like a business function.

Then you have to make sure that the office is appropriately decorated. You have to take care of how the food is arranged, and you need to make sure there’s good music. Sometimes you even have to set up some sort of program so that things don’t get boring.

With so many things to do, is it any wonder that sometimes you just don’t want to deal with cleaning the office before a party? It’s a bit like cleaning your home before a party, which makes sense if you’re the boss. Unfortunately, it’s a job that no one likes.

Why You Should Clean the Office before the Holiday Party

Some people think that cleaning the office before a holiday party isn’t all that important. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Holiday parties are essentially morale boosters. You have to show the office at its best, so that your people are proud to be part of your business. A clean office also helps people get into the partying mood.

A dirty office, on the other hand, is a real party pooper. Sometimes a dirty office even encourages people to become more careless and they start throwing things on the floor. Some of your employees may even start dreading having to be the one to clean it all up afterward!

Why Everyone Hates that Job

While cleaning the office before the party is important, it’s one of those jobs that people really hate to do. It’s one of those menial tasks that has little to do with the holiday spirit. Rather, most people like to work on the music, on the food, and on the decorations. Cleaning the office is generally considered an unpleasant task, and it can really turn people off despite the holiday season.

Simply put, cleaning the office takes a lot of time and effort, and often it results in the people getting dirty themselves. So instead of boosting morale with the holiday party, you’re actually demoralizing your staff when you require them to add to their work by cleaning the office.

The Easiest Solution

Fortunately, the simplest solution to this problem is to just hire an outside service to do the office cleaning for you. Such services are very affordable, and it’s worth all the smiles of relief you’ll get when your employees realize that they won’t have to get stuck with that unpleasant job. You can even be sure that the cleaning will be done properly and efficiently. With a clean office, you increase the chance for everyone at your holiday party to have a great time.